Claiming our Heritage

For far too long the Lebanese wine industry has shied away from its roots, preferring the safe and well-tried route of imitation French or the sleek ultra-modern in its labeling and designs.

Yet this is a region drenched with fine wine since the beginning of civilization. A region that has continuously produced wine for more than 6000 years.

Domaine Wardy has decided to display our heritage proudly by designing labels that are unmistakably near eastern, unmistakably Lebanese.

We looked at traditional architecture, tiles, carpets, fabrics; but what we were most drawn to were the incredibly detailed and beautiful wooden mosaics used for jewelry boxes, tables and backgammon boards.

These wonderfully intricate creations became the inspiration for our new labels, brought to life by the renowned designer Tarek Atrissi.

To make them more relevant to our single-variety wines, we used colors based on the aromatic and flavor profile of each variety.

[The new labels will appear gradually throughout 2019]