Domaine Wardy Vineyards

The Beqaa Valley is home to Lebanon's most historic vineyards and wineries. Winemaking in the region is a tradition which goes back some 6000 years. The Beqaa Valley has an average altitude of 1000m above sea level, and the valley's climate is very suitable to growing a variety of grapes.
The long, narrow valley has been an oasis of agriculture and viticulture since ancient times. It runs north-south for around 65km between the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges that provide protection from the deserts to the east and the maritime humidity to the west. The winter rains and snow feed the many springs and the subterranean water basin essential for the many wells dug to assist in irrigation.
Domaine Wardy’s vineyards are spread all over the Beqaa Valley. Our grapes come from our private vineyards, along with vineyards under contract and full control of Domaine Wardy.
  • Domaine Wardy Winery GPS Coordinates Map Location #1:
    • 33°49'59.5"N 35°55'26.6"E
  • Domaine Wardy Vineyard(s) Altitudes and GPS Coordinates:
    • Zahle1 & Zahle2: 898m Altitude Map Location #2
      • 33°49'12.1"N 35°56'08.5"E
      • 33°49'17.4"N 35°56'15.1"E
    • Halwa: 1,242m Altitude Map Location #3
      • 33°35'27.1"N 36°02'13.3"E
    • Dhour Zahle: 1,011m Altitude Map Location #4
      • 33°50'04.3"N 35°52'39.4"E
    • Rmtanieh: 1,434m Altitude Map Location #5
      • 33°50'09.9"N 35°49'30.3"E
    • Housh Al Ghanam: 965m Altitude Map Location #6
      • 33°52'17.0"N 36°02'10.5"E
    • Ain Bourday: 1,417m Altitude Map Location #7
      • 33°58'13.1"N 36°12'09.1"E
  • Domaine Wardy Summer Visiting GPS Coordinates Map #2:
    • 33°49'03.0"N 35°56'26.2"E
  • WardyStud GPS Coordinates Map #2:
    • 33°49'02.3"N 35°56'24.3"E